Recovery & Mobility Restored
Enabled with Technology

Rogedi develops wearable exoskeletons in a quest for easing physical rehabilitation processes for the patient, the caretaker and the physician. Our devices focuses on the lower body, integrating custom designed force controllable actuators with intention prediction algorithms to maximize muscle activity for the best recovery.

Our small but skillful team with biomechanical and robotics background creates machines that can co-exist and coalesce with humans. We use fiber reinforced additive manufacturing techniques to realize our complex designs which are optimized to give maximum comfort and best fit for the human anatomy.

Compact Designs

Miniature engineering designs for best weight to power ratios without eye-soaring bulky parts

Enabling Freedom

Freedom of movement without crouches for all the needs of daily living

Environmental Friendly

In all our prototyping efforts, we do not use petroleum based materials and recycle all faulty or expired parts

Motion with the people, for the people.