What do we do?

Rogedi Technology develops wearable exoskeletons in a quest for easing physical rehabilitation processes for the patient, the caretaker and the physician. Our devices focuses on the lower body, integrating custom designed force controllable actuators with intention prediction algorithms to maximize muscle activity for the best recovery.

Who are we?

We are looking for investors to introduce our technology for the benefit of the society. If you are an investor with medical device expertise and found with licensing (certification) of such devices, let’s meet for a pitch-deck, you will not be disappointed!


  • Design and production of wearable robotic devices for medical rehabilitation and daily-life usage
  • Production of supportive equipments for industry and service sectors
  • Developing a product for specific diseases as Parkinson’s
  • Developing smart prosthetic devices capable of machine learning
  • Design of wearables that can realize physical feedbacks to users in Virtual Reality.